love shayari in english

love shayari in english Before starting, I would like to describe some aspects of love to you.

Who doesn’t want love, everyone whether human or animal all need love.This shows how much people respect you and how much they care about you. We are human beings and we are social animals and live together with people in the society, in that environment many types of situations arise,Where friendship, enmity, love feelings start arising.

Where enmity has the concept of harmingl love people by hurting them, love, cooperation, friendship is full of the concept of sharing happiness and justified behavior, this behavior will give you respect and prestige in the society.

But there is another aspect of love which is love for female friend or any life partner.Which is a different feeling because there is a physical relation here which calms the hunger of the body and gives a feeling of extreme pleasure.


  Love Shayari in English is in this post, hope you will like it. Let’s get started.

shayari in hindi love

“वह तुम ही थे जो मेरे करीब आए

तलब मोहब्बत की मन में जगाए

एक नज़र ही,बस देखा था उनको

बिना  उनके अब  रहा  ना  जाए।”

“It was you who came close to me 

desire of love in the mind,

just saw him,

can’t live without him now.”

“प्यार में हैं दिल,जुबां पर शायरी नहीं

दिल है हमारा कोई रफ डायरी नहीं

नादान हो तुम मोहब्ब्त से दूर,

जानते प्यार की कोई परिभाषा नहीं।”

“The heart is in love, there is no poetry on the tongue,

there is no diary in our heart,

you are innocent, away from love,

you don’t know the definition of love.”

लव शायरी मेरे लबों पर आती नहीं

एक धुन है मोहब्बत की जो दूर जाती नहीं

कहते हैं सब मोहब्बत करना आसान नहीं

हमें मोहब्बत है तुमसे,दूसरा कोई काम नहीं।

Love poetry does not come to my lips,

There is a tune of love that does not go away,

everyone says that it is not easy to love,

I love you, there is no other work.”

“तुम हमें और हम तुम्हें चाहते हैं

जुनून है मोहब्बत का सबसे कहते हैं

लगता है यह आपकी मोहब्ब्त का असर

पूरे जमाने को इसकी खबर है।”

“You love us and we love you,

everyone says that love is passion,

it seems that this is the effect of your love,

the whole world is aware of it.”

“तेरा मुस्कुराना लाजिम है

तेरी हर अदा सच में कातिल है

तुम मेरी मोहब्बत के काबिल हो

हम तेरी मोहब्बत में शामिल है।”

Your smile is fine,

Your every style is really killer,

You are worthy of my love,

Hh I am involved in your love.”


“पहली बार जब तुम मुझे मिले,हम दीवाने हो गए

मिली सिर्फ निगाहें एक बार और तुम्हारे हो गए।”

“When you met me for the first time,

we fell in love,met eyes only once and we are yours.

“प्यार  दिल  में  है  जुबान  कुछ  कहती  नहीं  है

फिर भी उन्हें देकर कर निगाहें चुप रहती नहीं है।”

“Love is in the heart, the tongue does not say anything,

still the eyes do not remain silent after seeing them.”

“कभी ख्वाब बनकर तुम‌ पास आए

सपने मोहब्बत के तुमने सजाए

हम सरफरोश है मोहब्बत में

बयां कर हाले दिल तुम्हें कैसे सुनाएं।”

Sometimes you are near like a dream

We decorated the dreams of love,

We love without fear.

how can I tell you my heart.”

“दिल गिरवी है हमारा,पास रखा तुम्हारे

मोहब्बत में सब लुटाकर,अब हम नहीं हमारे।”

“Our heart is mortgaged, kept it close to you,

after looting everything in love, now we are not ours.”

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