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Love Quotes

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“Life is ocean of tear

oh! my dear 

 Enjoy every movement

spend every years.”

“Since you’ve been away
scattered like leaves of roses
come close to me
We stand waiting for you!”



“There are many stars in the sky,
We are looking for the moon
oh moon come out soon
We have to say good night to you.”



“You are separated from me
The world is in love with my style.”



“Be  it in your hands, be in drunken words, you will get lost in your eyes, we will become crazy.”



“You  stay close, this is my prayer to my Lord, the effect of your love that happened on us.”

The pain of the heart was not told to anyone.

Just like that, memories hurt.

Nothing was told to us

even after going close to them.”

….Rajdev Quotes

love quotes Quotes for love & sad

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“Yes, if your intention is to spend your whole life with you, then this is my love story.”




All things are true but love is such a thing which never ends and the world is sustained by love. And the world can be won only by love but people do not understand this.

Love never dies and true love is found by luck. But To get true love, you have to make a lot of efforts, only then you get true somewhere.

There is no one who does not need love, even animals are hungry for love.

through quotes Kind of work is done to express feelings and feelings are expressed through words.

There is a big game of words that express feelings and feelings keep changing like weather, if there is an atmosphere of happiness then happy things will be said, if there is sadness then sad things will be said.

To love is an art, for those who have learned it, winning hearts is not a big deal.There should be a good harmony in any relationship so that the relationship can be long.

quotes for love and sad

Happiness and sorrow are like salt and sugar in our life, they are like sun and shade which come and go one after the other.

The presence of these two fills romance in our life, just as every season has its own fun, in the same way sulking, celebrating sorrow and happiness all have their own fun, all these things make our life thrilling.We should live every aspect in a better way, this is the essence of life, sometimes there is happiness, sometimes there is a spring of sorrow.

attitude shayari हर किसी व्यक्ति का जीने का अपना एक अंदाज होता है,वह अपने स्वतंन्त्र विचारों के साथ जीता है।जिस तरह के विचार होंगे वह स्पष्ट रूप से व्यवहार में बातों में साफ दिखाई देते हैं।शायरी गैलरी में हर तरह कोट्स लिखने की कोशिश की गई है।

Every person has his own style of living, he lives with his independent thoughts. The kind of thoughts will be clearly visible in the words in the behavior. Quotes in including by the Shayari gallery in every way.

The game of words is very strange, if someone learns the use of these institutions, then understand that you can present yourself better and you have learned to present yourself.Our words are driven by our feelings and your words are driven by your feelings. So we need to correct our feelings by correcting them.

good morning shayari and good night shayari

Wishes are given which makes feel good for hear hair and make a relation with your near and dear ones and connect each other with each other.And spread love in the world.


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